Woman allegedly scammed 84-year-old man out of $100K

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Police say Llega, 24, scammed a 84-year-old widower out of $100,000. (Arlington Police)

Police say Llega, 24, scammed a 84-year-old widower out of $100,000. (Arlington Police)

ARLINGTON, Mass. — Police estimate a 24-year-old woman scammed an 84-year-old widower out of more than $100,000.

Anisa Llega started working for widower Donald Hodgins as a house cleaner in October, police said. The two became close as he also frequently visited restaurant where Llega was a waitress.

Llega allegedly convinced Hodgins to pay for her school loans, auto payments and other bills, police said.

Hodgins told WCVB that Llega also pretended her mother was sick and needed $500 for medicine. “She would thank me and tell me I was a wonderful guy for helping out,” Hodgins said.

Police say Llega even feigned a terminal brain tumor. Hodgins gave her $30K for surgery.

However, police discovered that while Llega was supposedly having surgery, she was actually in in Miami on vacation.

Police were notified of the scamming by a friend of Hodgins’.

Arlington police found and froze several bank accounts in Llega’s name. They estimate more than $100,000 was stolen from Hodgins.

Llega was charged with larceny over $250 in a single scheme and was held on $200,040 bail.

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