‘The Dogist’ captures photos of New York City dogs in all their splendor

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NEW YORK – Elias Weiss Friedman is a photographer who can truly call himself “man’s best friend.”

Friedman, better known as "The Dogist," is capturing the character and humor in dogs across New York City. His photos are unlike any other and have caught the attention of millions.

Friedman’s passion started back in 2013 with one simple photo of a boxer, at that moment, he knew he was onto something and "The Dogist" was born.

All of us know, getting a dog to sit still, even for a second, is no easy task but Friedman has a unique talent of getting dogs to switch their attention right toward him and the camera. It’s all with the help of some quirky barking noises and toys.

“ My first move is a tennis ball, a squeaky tennis ball” says Friedman. “It works for a lot of dogs ... and I’m trying to have a moment with them.”

All it takes is one special moment, and he’s got that perfect shot.

“With a dog, they’re being candid, or sincere about their expression. They can be curious or scared, or standoffish, or very happy, right?”

Whatever it is, Friedman captures it. Thousands of his photographic encounters are now a New York Times Best Seller. He says "The Dogist" represents what it’s like to be him.

“Every page is different [and] when I walk outside, every day is different.”

Each day is also chronicled on his Instagram, bringing a smile to the faces of 1.6 million followers each day.

PIX11's Marissa Torres reported on this story.