NYPD holding firearm buy back event to get guns off streets

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Another firearm buy back event Saturday, December 5th in Brooklyn by the Kings County DA and NYPD.

But some top cops say don't expect a drop in mass shootings from the affects of these gun exchange programs.

"The guns obtained in their were used in these incidents were obtain legally it's not a questions of guns out on the street," says Ray Kelly, former NYPD Commissioner.

Kelly not holding on the effectiveness of gun buy backs.  He saying don't expect the program to greatly impact horrible mass shooting like recently in San Bernardino.

"I don't see how a gun buy back program is going to affect these types of situations," says Kelly.

But Kelly feels the program could be a slam-dunk in getting weapons from those that steal guns.

Something the Kings County DA says is why he's on a massive push to get even the smallest weapons off the street.

"Yes it's part of what we're Calling Citizen Safety Day," says Ken Thompson, Kings County District Attorney.

On Saturday in Brooklyn, the Kings County DA's office and the nypd offering as much as $200 bucks each per gun  - no questions asked.

"This is a win win for the community, maybe we can get one gun out of the house because maybe one child won't find it and die because of it," says Thompson.

Welcomed news for some crime victims who say anything is better than nothing, even if there's no guarantee the most deadly weapons may never get collected.

"i was held in Miiami by someone with a rifle.  I think if didn't have access to it, who knows what would have happen at that time, but now we need to change the regulations," says Vince Ehly a victim of crime.

And some residents going even further with buy back approval.  Willing to help fund non stop exchanges.

"Every $25 I would give $2-dollars to help," says an East Village resident.

That Brooklyn guns for cash will be at the Lexon Road Baptist Church, 10am to 4pm.

If you can't make it - NYPD has an on-going program.  You can walk into a list of stations and sell back your gun for $100 bucks