NJ woman bites officer’s hands over parking ticket on Black Friday: police

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JACKSON, N.J. — A shopper was arrested at the Jackson Premium Outlets last Friday when she bit a police officer’s hands twice while he was trying to issue a parking ticket, police said.

Elmita Jeremie, 40, of Hamilton, was charged with obstruction, resisting arrest and aggravated assault on a police officer. Jeremie illegally parked her car in an exit lane while she was shopping at the outlet stores last Friday around 2:30 p.m, police said.

The parking lot was packed with cars due to Black Friday shopping and there was more police presence to manage traffic flow.

An officer was about to tow Jeremie’s car when she came back to the lot.

The officer told Jeremie he was issuing her a parking ticket. She refused to give her information when he asked, got into her car and attempted to drive away. The officer tried talking to her again when she got stuck in traffic, but she did not listen.

Jeremie bit the officer’s left hand when he reached into her car to put it in park while she was trying to leave the lot for the third time by making a K-turn, police said. A struggle ensued between her and the officer. She was eventually removed from her car, but then bit the officer on his right hand.

Jeremie was taken into custody. The bites left teeth marks but did not create an open wound.

Jeremie released on summons pending a court appearance.