Mets general manager Sandy Alderson diagnosed with cancer

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NEW YORK – Mets general manager Sandy Alderson has been diagnosed with cancer, the team revealed Friday.

The cancer was found when Alderson, 68, underwent surgery at Memorial Sloan Kettering three weeks ago, Mets COO Jeff Wilpon said. His diagnosis appears to be good.

“The doctors believe and have told Sandy that the cancer is very treatable and are optimistic about a full recovery,” Wilpon said.

Starting this week, Alderson will undergo 8 to 12 weeks of chemotherapy to treat the disease, Wilpon said.

The team did not reveal what type of cancer Alderson has. Wilpon said the team “will not be giving updates” on Alderson’s progress.

Throughout his treatments, Alderson will continue to serve as GM though treatment will, understandably, keep him away from the office for periods of time, Wilpon said. Alderson will not attend the winter meetings.

Earlier last month, Alderson collapsed during a news conference. He was speaking to reporters when he stopped mid-sentence and began to faint.

The team said Alderson did not eat breakfast that morning and felt lightheaded under the lights of the news conference. It was not immediately known if that fainting spell is at all connected to his recent diagnosis.