Christmas-themed gun ads in South Carolina ignites controversy

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COLUMBIA, S.C. — Christmas-themed gun ads in South Carolina are sparking controversy, and some are demanding the gun shop to take the billboards down.

Palmetto State Armory, one of the biggest firearms retailers in the area, posted several billboards in South Carolina promoting gun sales, WISTV reported.

There are five ads, one showing a loaded revolver with the caption "5 Golden Rings." Another shows a picture of a gun with the words "Silent Night."

Jack Swerling, a Columbia attorney, said the ads, especially the "Silent Night" one, are offensive.

"I just thought that was totally inappropriate. Silent Night is a beautiful song. And I'm Jewish. But I was offended for the Christian community that they would try to make that play on words and images," Swerling told WISTV.

Swerling is also a gun owner and told WISTV he keeps a gun for personal protection and sporting use. He posted a picture of the ad and his thoughts on his Facebook page. More than 450 of his friends have joined him criticizing the ad.

The attorney is not the only one criticizing the billboards. Many others have complained to Palmetto State Armory, even asking them to take the ads down.

Palmetto State Armory's marketing officer said a lot of people are enjoying the humor behind the ad. The store posted the ads on its Facebook page, asking users to share them if they liked it.

The pictures have been shared over 140 times since Wednesday.