Police officers shown surrounding, shooting stabbing suspect in graphic video

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A police-involved shooting in San Francisco caught on video by a witness, shows several officers firing at an alleged stabbing suspect.

Officers said they found the suspect nearby on Keith Street, holding what appeared to be a six to eight inch kitchen knife, after responding to emergency calls saying a man was stabbed.

At least five officers surrounded  the suspect at gunpoint and ordered him to drop the knife.

Authorities say that the officers tried and failed to subdue the man, shooting him 15 times with nonlethal bean bags.

Police Chief Greg Suhr told reporters that the video did not show the man getting back up and still refusing to surrender, still holding the knife in his hand.

Officers called paramedics and tried to revive the man, but he died at the scene. The suspect was not immediately identified.

The San Francisco Public Defender says that the officers should not have opened fire on the man and instead should have used another defensive maneuver in order to arrest him.

The investigation is ongoing.