New movie ‘The Wannabe’ set in Queens reunites famous mobster actors

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QUEENS -- Set in Queens in the early '90s, "The Wannabe" is loosely based on the true story of Thomas Uva, played by Vincent Piazza, who was so obsessed with mob culture he attempted to fix the jury in the trial of John Gotti for his own gain.

His plans are foiled, so he sets off with Rose, played by Patricia Arquette, to try and rob members of the mafia.

The film was like a reunion of sorts-- many of the actors had worked previously together on "The Sopranos" or "Boardwalk Empire."

Directed by Nick Sandow from "Orange is the New Black," the film was produced by Martin Scorcese, who also produced "Boardwalk Empire."

You can catch "The Wannabe" in theaters now.