Backstage on Broadway: Jennifer Hudson, Danielle Brooks & Cynthia Erivo make debut in revival of ‘The Color Purple’

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“I got a call like, 'Hey Jennifer Hudson, would you like to do Broadway, the Color Purple,' and I was like sure, that was a no-brainer!" Jennifer Hudson remembered.

It couldn't be an easier decision for Jennifer Hudson, who is making her Broadway debut.

“It’s been really good, it’s a huge learning experience because it’s so different for me from film.” she said.

She's starring in the latest revival of the Tony Award-winning musical The Color Purple.

“Okay who am I going to play?" she remembered asking. "Shug Avery and I was like me as Shug but then I was like okay!”

The Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe winner plays a sultry blues singer who gets romantically involved with the main character.

"It’s definitely a heartfelt role and I feel like Shug, she has many different levels,” Hudson said.

Taking on her love interest, breakout London star and Broadway newcomer, Cynthia Erivo.

“It’s incredible, it’s strange, it’s a dream come true, it hits you in waves,” Erivo smiled.

She plays Celie, an abused housewife who is forced to take care of her husband's mistress but then becomes enamored with her.

“There’s a moment when Celie first meets Shug Avery and she has to wash her and she sings this little snippet, it’s like a thought," Erivo described. "She says she’s got about a million tingles sneaking on up her spine.”

The show also follows her friendship with Sophia, a tough, outspoken woman who stands up for herself. Portrayed by 'Orange is the New Black's' Danielle Brooks.

“I love it, I love every bit about getting to do both at the same time,” she gushed.

She grew up singing in her church choir before studying drama at Juilliard.

“While we’re in previews I actually had a church group from home in South Carolina come, a group of 60 came,” Brooks remembered. "Everyone who has known me since I was like four years old, who's helped in my development.”

Brooks follows in the footsteps of Oprah Winfrey, who was nominated for her role in the 1985 film and is now a producer for this production.

“I’m honored that I get to step in these shoes every night,” Brooks smiled.

A feeling each one of these actresses can relate to and appreciate each time they take the stage.

“To feel the love to see how excited people are, it’s a lot to receive,” Hudson said.

“Every night the audience is completely alive, they’re complete with us,” Erivo added. “I love it, I’m really having a good time!”

The Color Purple is currently in previews and officially opens next Thursday.

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