Thousands delayed at airport in an attempt to return home after Thanksgiving

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NEW YORK -- Thousands are delayed at area airports as they attempt to travel home after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Traffic in and out of LaGuardia resembles morning rush hour.

"Totally packed flights, and everybody trying to go home," said passenger Megan Pelino.

Pelino and another passenger Mike Lubanski called an Uber after getting off a flight from  Chicago. On a good day, a car would usually arrive within minutes. But, not today.

"So far it's about 30 minutes and still no car for us," Lubanski said.

LaGuardia is just one of many New York transportation hubs feeling the crush of holiday commuters returning, all at the same time.

The arrivals deck for pick-ups looked like a car lot. And passengers waiting as many as two hours to head home

"I really didn't the pick up was much easier in Chicago," Pelino said.

And now over 90 minutes later, the passengers were still waiting on that Uber.