Bronx’s Little Italy cancels Christmas display due to area homeless problem

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BELMONT, Bronx – Lights out!

A Christmas tree tradition has been canceled in the Little Italy section of the Bronx -- and businesses blame the homeless.

They're claiming people are using the holiday display along Arthur Avenue as a bathroom.

"Who ever made that decision needs to pony up," said Ralph Napolitano, manager of Ann and Tony's restaurant.

Business owners are not happy after their neighborhood business development firm canceled its annual park Christmas display.

This after the firm says it's the local homeless problem.  Security was brought in to stop the issue, but it seems it caused another.

The cost to secure it used up all the funds to get a tree and lights.

"It was a nice little ceremony - music, Santa I don't know what else is going to happen but hope they have something else," Napolitano said.

Now, business owners say the decision to unplug the tree will affect the Christmas profits.

"It's something nice for the people in this community not just those from the outside," Napolitano said.

They're now hoping for a Christmas miracle - for funds to appear and fast before customers forget about experiencing the holiday on their avenue.

There are some Christmas lights on streets.  And there still will be an indoor Christmas display, but business owners still say its not enough.