MTA station agent honored for jumping onto tracks to save woman

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CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn -- Would you jump on the subway tracks to stop a train to save a woman on the tracks?

MTA Station Agent Ralph Johnson, 63, did just that, and now he is being nominated for the Daily News' Hometown Heroes In Transit Award.

"I'm glad God put me there at that time to do what I did," Johnson told PIX11. Last Labor Day, during the West Indian Day Parade in Crown Heights, the MTA station agent was working an overtime shift at the Franklin Avenue station when he heard  that someone had fallen onto the tracks just as a train was entering the station.

"I saw her legs on the track. I jumped down and started waving for the train to stop," Johnson said.

Johnson, an MTA employee for 18 years, was able to stop the train and save the woman's life.

"She looked up at me and kept saying that I was her hero until EMS carried her away," Johnson said.

Johnson's bravery was praised by the Transport Workers Union Local 100, which nominated the station agent for the Daily News Hometown Heroes in Transit award. The winners will be honored in February.