Hilarious Thanksgiving memes and hashtags highlight the holiday’s awkward moments

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Thanksgiving 2015 was a social media affair, from viral videos to hashtags that celebrated quirky family traditions.

“This year we’ve seen a big uptick on social, we’ve seen a big change in the way people are almost life casting,” explained digital strategist Oz Sultan.

Thanksgiving is the biggest day of the year on Instagram. In recent years, users have posted 200 Thanksgiving related photos per second on the site; many of them focus on food.

“Two years ago I would say you just take pictures of food and you put them up, now I would say you’re almost your own food stylist,” Sultan said.

And on Twitter Sultan observed, “We have cultural jokes, traditional black cultural jokes, and traditional white cultural jokes.”

Two hastags, #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies and #ThanksgivingClapBack were some of the most popular trends on social media Wednesday and Thursday.