WATCH: ‘SNL’ skit shows Thanksgiving family feuds can be resolved by playing Adele’s ‘Hello’

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Thanksgiving is only four days away, which means, for some, family arguments at the dinner table.

Before the conversations around the dinner table get too tense, take a cue from last night’s “Saturday Night Live” skit. It featured family members who clearly have different views about the upcoming election, ISIS and transgender people.

The bickering among the relatives continued until one little girl thought of an idea — to play Adele’s “Hello.”

Immediately everyone is unified under this one song. It’s not just Adele’s powerful voice that resonated with everyone at the table, but also her lyrics. They were all able to say hello from the other side, no matter what they believed in.

If the video doesn’t convince you it’s the ultimate unifier, at least you learned how to do the best impersonation of Adele.

Matthew McConaughey hosted the show Saturday night with Adele as musical guest. She also stole the show with her performance of “When We Were Young.”