Belgian police detain 16 people after series of raids in Brussels

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BRUSSELS — Belgian prosecutors say they've detained 16 people after a series of police raids in central Brussels on Sunday but the Paris fugitive was not one of them.

The raids were carried out shortly after the Belgian government decided to keep its terror alert for the city at the highest possible level.

The situation was tense Sunday night in the wider area around the Grand Place, with police out in force and several raids looking for suspects going on. At one point, security forces closed off streets and yelled at people to stay away.

Earlier, the government said that it will extend the highest alert level for Brussels into the working week. The city's subway system and schools will be shut. Prime Minister Charles Michel says the terror alert remains at the highest level for a sustained "serious and imminent" threat against the capital.

Michel says authorities fear a Paris-like attack, "even perhaps at several locations."