22-year-old pregnant woman fatally stabbed in the Bronx; two in custody

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WAKEFIELD, The Bronx —A 22-year-old woman was arrested for cutting a pregnant woman's stomach open, taking her unborn baby and killing her, in the Wakefield area of the Bronx Friday afternoon, the NYPD said.

The woman, 22, was stabbed multiple times by another woman around 2:30 p.m. on Monticello Avenue. She then cut the baby out of the pregnant woman's stomach, according to Bronx councilman Andy King.

"A horrific altercation between two 22-year old ladies.  One was allegedly pregnant and there was a fight.  And the pregnant women was stabbed and strangled and the fetus was removed," King said.

King said he believes it was over a case of baby snatching that turned into murder.

The pregnant woman was transported to a hospital where she died. The baby girl is still alive.

Two people are now in custody, including the baby's father. The other suspect, a woman, claimed the baby was hers even though there are no signs she was pregnant, according to King.

"I don't even know people around here like that.  I've been here seven years and we haven't had a death like this on our street.  No I want to hold my grand babies a little tighter," resident Anne Parker said.

It's still unknown what started the argument.

"I hope that the suspect is convicted, serves times, and whatever help she needs I hope she gets.  I feel if she thinks killing a person and cutting a child out of is a serious problem if they think that was okay," King said.

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