Russia sends France a puppy after police dog Diesel was killed during ISIS raid

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Этого щенка служебной собаки зовут Добрыня. Его назвали так в честь русского былинного богатыря Добрыни, который является воплощением силы, добра, воинской доблести и бескорыстной помощи. Щенок будет передан Франции в знак солидарности с французским народом и полицией в борьбе с терроризмом. Ce petit chien est le chien de service qui s'appelle Dobrynia. Il a été nommé ainsi a l'honneur du légendaire héros russe Dobrynya, qui est la personnification de la force, de la bonté, de la bravoure et de l'altruisme. Ce chien sera remis à la France en temoignage de la solidarité avec le peuple français ainsi que la police francaise dans le cadre de la lutte contre le terrorisme.

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Russian authorities sent French police a puppy as a sign of solidarity and support following the Paris attacks and raid that killed Diesel, a Belgian Malinois police dog.

The Russian Interior Ministry announced the gift on its social media pages Friday morning.

“The puppy will be given in France in solidarity with the French people and the police in the fight against terrorism,” Russian Interior Ministry spokesperson Elena Alekseeva wrote in an Instagram post.

“He was named in honor of the Russian epic hero Dobrynya, which is the embodiment of strength, goodness, valor and selfless assistance,” Alekseeva wrote.

Diesel, the 7-year-old police dog, was “killed by terrorists” during the raid in Saint-Denis, north of Paris, on Wednesday. Following the news of her death, the hashtag #JeSuisChien, or “I’m a dog,” went viral on social media.

The raid killed the mastermind of the bloody terrorist attacks that killed 129 people last Friday. Five French police members were also wounded in the raid.

In the last decade, Belgian Malinois dogs have received attention for their work in law enforcement including sniffing out explosives and narcotics.

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