Homeless Services Commissioner gives agency ‘an A for effort’ in fixing homelessness issue

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Over the last year, homelessness has gone from occasional front page news, to the topic of conversation throughout the City.

You’ve heard plenty from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio— even as the number of homeless people in the city’s shelter system has jumped from 53 thousand to nearly 60 thousand people— And those are the ones we know about.

But there is one voice in this debate the public hasn’t heard much from—until now.

You wouldn’t be faulted for failing to recognize Department of Homeless Services Commissioner Gilbert Taylor.

This year, as the homeless stats have climbed—it’s been Mayor de Blasio, not Taylor, taking the lead on the issue.

Earlier this week, the mayor announced a three billion dollar initiative for supportive housing for the homeless— and Taylor was once again standing in the background.

When asked what kind of grade Taylor would give himself and the agency for its performance, he replied, “I would definitely give us an “A” for effort.”

Taylor granted our interview request following a flurry of emails during our week-long series of reports on homelessness.

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