Brooklyn urges businesses to be prepared for attack, offers NYPD training

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BROOKLYN—Following the attacks on Paris and continued threats by ISIS Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams wants businesses big and small to be prepared in the event of an attack.  Which is why he's encouraging all businesses throughout the city to take advantage of an NYPD training program.

"Paris is saying that no matter how large you are or how small you are, you're a soft target and there are things you can do to harden that target," said Adams.

During the attacks in Paris terrorists hit a number of different venues including a small cafe.  So Adams says business big and small need to think about how they would handle an attack as part of their emergency plan.

"All business plans now must have a component of dealing with active shooters," said Adams.  "The days are gone when your business plan is merely dealing with the economic bottom line.  Part of that bottom line is creating a safe environment for the people who frequent your establishment."

Friday, Adams and his team met with members of the NYPD and representatives from several Brooklyn businesses and venues including Barclays Center, The Brooklyn Navy Yard, and Industry City.  The Borough President stressed the point that there are no credible threats against the borough or City at this time, but he's encouraging all business owners to be prepared by joining the NYPD Shield Program.

"Businesses must be on board with this new norm.  That at any given time your normal day of business can be interrupted by someone who is attempting to harm your patrons or your staffers."​​

The Shield program is a free information-sharing and training program where NYPD officers visit businesses to train staff.  Adams is hoping every city business will get the training so the public private partnership can help strengthen the entire city against another terrorist attack.

"There is no target that is that soft that they should not learn how to be hardened to deal with a security or terrorist threat."​

You can find more information on the shield program here:

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