Backstage on Broadway: Bruce Willis and Laurie Metcalf take on suspense in ‘Misery’

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“We’ve been doing the play for awhile now so it just feels good,” Bruce Willis said.

A calm, cool and collected reaction from Bruce Willis on opening night of his Broadway debut.

“It was a good show tonight,” he smiled.

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He stars in the suspense thriller Misery based off the best-selling novel by Stephen King.

“I don't know if there’s any other really super scary kind of Gothic stories on Broadway right now,” Willis said.

The one act play follows a famous author's fight to escape captivity after his 'number one fan' rescues him from a car crash and keeps him locked up. Willis spends most of the 90 minutes in a wheelchair, quite the change for the action hero.

“It’s just part of the story I mean my legs are crushed,” he simply said.

Playing the crazed kidnapper, Tony-nominated Laurie Metcalf, who also won three Emmys for her role in the hit TV series 'Roseanne.'

“I haven’t done a thriller" she said. "It’s a lot of fun because when the audience is into it and you know what’s coming up [and they don't] it’s a lot of fun to hear the reactions."

She follows in the footsteps of Kathy Bates who took home an Oscar for her role in the 1990 blockbuster.

“I approached it by not looking at the movie again because that would’ve been the kiss of death for me," Metcalf explained. "Because I wouldn’t have been able to get her performance out of my head. I just take clues from the script and try to make a three-dimensional character.”

And how difficult is it to turn into a psycho?

“Yeah that’s not hard, that’s not the hard part,” she laughed.

With decades of acting experience between this duo, Willis and Metcalf have balanced and helped each other from the beginning.

“We work together as a team perfectly, we have a great time," Metcalf said. "In the rehearsal room I really loved working with Bruce because he’s such a hard worker.”

“She just cracks me up she is great to work with," Willis smiled. "She makes me laugh, she’s so professional.”

He's also happy to he's been able to share this experience with his daughter, Rumer, who made her Broadway debut earlier this year in Chicago.

“She had a good time, we went out to eat afterwards,” Willis said.

And as for whether she gave Dad any advice...?

"No, not yet," he laughed.

Misery is playing at the Broadhurt Theater, with a limited run through February 14th, 2016.


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