American Airlines loses Boston marathon bombing survivor’s prosthetic leg

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BOSTON — A professional dancer who was injured in the Boston Marathon bombing said American Airlines lost her luggage, which included her prosthetic leg.

Adrianne Haslet-Davis tweeted Thursday night: “u lost my luggage w over $250k of leg & dance parts.”

Haslet-Davis lost her lower left leg in the April 2013 attacks. She danced again publicly at a March 2014 TED Conference in British Columbia thanks to a prosthesis made for her at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, according to the Associated Press.

Her tweet inspired her Twitter followers to help her find her lost luggage. Users began asking American Airlines to do more to help.

Haslet-Davis tweeted Friday that her bag “went to a country I’ve never been to.” She updated shortly afterward to say the airline had found it.

American Airlines spokesman Joshua Freed said it was “terribly sorry” for losing the bag and was working to get it back to Haslet-Davis as soon as possible, the Associated Press reported.

There was no bad feelings between Haslet-Davis and American Airlines though. Shortly after the whole debacle, she tweeted her and the airline are planning on working together “on something huge.”

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