Tourists hiring private security in NYC despite no credible threats from ISIS

NEW YORK —  “The most important thing for New Yorkers to remember is that the terrorists want you to change. They want you to be afraid. They want you to change your way of life. They want to undermine our democracy. We will not let the terrorists win.”

That was Mayor Bill de Blasio at City Hall on Thursday, less than 24 hours after appearing with NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton, at a news conference conducted in defiance of an ISIS video threat that showcased Times Square, "It is the goal of terrorists to intimidate and disrupt our democratic society.  We will not submit to their wishes."

Mayor de Blasio once again reiterating on Thursday the most significant fact, “There is no creditable or specific threat against New York City.”

The imagery of the the mayor and NYPD police commissioner at Times Square was designed to not only send a message to New Yorkers as well as to ISIS but also to those planning to visit the city in the next few weeks. The lucrative holiday season is filled with the Thanksgiving Day Parade, Christmas shopping, ice skating, holiday church services, the tree lighting at Rockefeller Center and of course the New Years Eve ball drop.

"I was scared to death," that was the reaction of Kim Burns regarding the the video threat made against the city.  She and her husband Mark arrived in the city Thursday morning from Louisville, where they shared with PIX11 News that they had no idea of the ISIS video until after they had touched down, "You're here and if everybody stays in, what good does that do."

Manny Gomez, is the President of MG Securities.  His midtown firm has already received calls from his corporate retail clients to boost private security for Black Friday as a result of the Paris attacks but it's the request that he was asked to fulfill Thursday morning that is a first for his 8-year-old security firm.

"We've already have received several calls, specifically one from a well-to-do family that wants to take their kids out to the parade and then to go out and walk around Central Park and have lunch afterwards, but in the advent of the Paris attack and all the threats that are going on in New York, they called us to provide them with armed security as a just in case method," said Gomez.

Gomez adding that he will not be surprised if he receives more calls, in fact he expects them.