Bomb squad clears JetBlue plane after unauthorized person tries to board flight to New York

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LOS ANGELES — A bomb squad has cleared a JetBlue flight in Los Angeles after reports of an unauthorized person allegedly tried boarding the flight heading to New York.

JetBlue Flight 24 was scheduled to depart from Los Angeles at 6:30 a.m., local time for John F. Kennedy International Airport.

KTLA reports that airline police received a call that an unauthorized person was trying to use a passenger boarding bridge to access the plane.

"No one has been detained or arrested and the search for the suspect continues," Robert Pedregon of the Airport Police told KTLA.

The flight was delayed and towed to an area where a bomb squad investigated.  No passengers or crew were on the plane at the time of the incident.

Pedregon said there was no security breach but an investigation has been launched.

Police do not have anyone in custody.