NYC cab drivers pose for 2016 calendar — for a good cause

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It started off as a comedic take on the traditional yearly pin-up calendars featuring beefy firefighters or scantily clad women.

Now, the 2016 New York City Taxi Drivers calendar was just released. But before you say, "Oh hail no!" It's actually for a good cause.

Decked out in a black and yellow flannel, Hassan is this year's cover guy.

The calendar features tongue-in-cheek photos of 12 of the city's most good natured yellow cab drivers.

On sale for about $15 each, a portion of the proceeds from the calendar go to University Settlement on the Lower East Side.

The organization helps more than 30,000 immigrants, both individuals and families, with essential services including housing and education.

Since it started in 2014, the calendar has raised more than $50,000.