Mom donates baby carriers for Syrian refugee parents

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While more than half of the United States Governors say they oppose letting Syrian Refugees into their states, one California woman is donating her time, and baby essentials to help.

She says she's simply a mom, looking to help other moms and parents-- no matter their race or religion.

A picture in the news changed everything for Cristal Logothetis. About two months ago, like so many others, she saw the picture of a 3-year-old boy who drowned as his family fled Syria, and she was horrified. That single image moved her to act.

Logothetis noticed that many of the refugees in the news reports carried babies in their arms.

As a mother of a 2-year-old herself, she knew that having a baby carrier would make their trips through Europe much easier, and decided to collect baby carriers to send to the Greek Island of Kos, where many refugees stop in their journeys.

Since then, she has led a successful IndieGoGo campaign and founded the nonprofit, "Carry the Future," to help displaced Syrians and other refugees with small children.

Three weeks ago, she and nine other women flew to Greece and gave out 3,000 baby carriers.

The group has raised more than 40,000 dollars she is now running another IndieGoGo campaign called "Operation Refugee Child"-- in which she'll use donations to provide care packages for refugees.