Teacher compliments each student at the start of every day, with unexpected results

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Talk about starting the day off on a positive note: Along with the pledge of allegiance, this Florida teacher starts each day by complimenting each and every one of his students face to face.

What originally started as a once-a-week ritual, special-ed teacher Chris Ulmer spends 10 minutes at the beginning of each day to have a confidence-boosting moment for each of his eight students.

He says that he noticed a drastic change in  his students and they have developed a better sense of self-esteem, are more likely to compliment each other and they work  together better.

His students diagnoses include autism, traumatic brain injuries, to speech apraxia.

Ulmer's Facebook page,  "Special Books by Special Kids" was created because he's been trying to get a book published about the kids he teaches and their stories of overcoming adversity -- but hasn't been successful.

But Ulmer says, one of the many lessons he teaches is perseverance, and he keeps the rejection letters on his fridge to keep him motivated.