Howard plays insurance detective

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QUEENS — Bus driver Patrick Dorsainville has a transportation problem.  His personal car was hit by a tractor-trailer while it was parked.  Now it’s in a Queens shop and he can’t get the repairs done because a traffic agent botched his police report.

“What’s not correct is this. The plate number is no good. And the vehicle identification number. So we have no way of getting his insurance information,”Dorsainville said.

The truck driver from Chicago provided all the information, but the agent’s mistakes led Patrick on a wild goose chase trying to find the insurer. He couldn’t even locate a current address or phone number for the trucker.

Patrick tried to get the name of the insurer from the Illinois DMV, but they’re not allowed to give out that information.  He was stuck. So Patrick contacted us.

We noticed a code number on the police report.  The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has one for every insurer. Fortunately, the traffic agent got this number right.  We traced it to National Indemnity Corp., based in Omaha.  We put Patrick on the phone with them…and finally…Patrick had a way to pay for his repairs.

Patrick is a capable guy. But he appreciated our help.  Now let’s hope his car can be repaired quickly.​