For first time, boy stars in Barbie commercial

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Just in time for the holiday toy-buying rush, Mattel is making a major move to gender neutrality with the roll out of an iconic designer Barbie.

Moschino Barbie, a $150 toy more likely appealing to collectors, sold out in just one hour. But her commercial lives on for the message contained in her 30 seconds.

“I love you, Moschino Barbie!” the little girl exclaims in the commercial.

Pretty standard fare for the decades old doll -- until you see the little blonde boy with a faux hawk winking into the camera as he slings a signature Moschino bag in black leather and hardware over his Barbie’s arm while exclaiming, “Moschino Barbie -- she’s so fierce!”

Meet the new Barbie, making boys feel free of shame to sneak a dress-up sesh with their sister’s doll. The comments attached to the YouTube page echo the years of torment many now-grown boys felt when they secretly loved playing with the kids’ fashion icon.

Many say they wished she would have been around when they were growing up. Now, she’s cool for every kid to have in their toybox.

Moschino designer Jeremy Scott says Barbie was his own fashion icon growing up, that she was the ultimate muse. He now counts some of the biggest celebrities as his clients, like Miley Cyrus, Amber Rose and Katy Perry. He even dedicated his most recent fashion line-up to the icon, with lots of pink, frothy creations strutted down the catwalk.

Barbie is the latest toy maker to scrub gender stereotypes from a toy.

Easy Bake oven cooked up some new colors after a New Jersey teen petitioned the company to ditch the girl-centric pink and purple themes so her little brother could enjoy the pleasures of an Easy Bake confection. The oven now comes in black, silver and blue.

The Moschino Barbie commercial, even though she’s sold out, has still been watched half a million times, sending her message of inclusiveness to all with her parting words for her commercial watchers, “Fabulousity totally included.”

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