‘No Place to Call Home’: Homeless children struggle to stay in education system [Pt. 4]

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NEW YORK -- How serious is the crisis among homeless children?

Right now, we are at a point in New York City, where we have enough homeless children to fill-up two Citi fields.

Assemblyman Keith Wright describes the crisis in six words:

"It's almost like a perfect storm," Assemblyman Wright told PIX11.

He has seen first-hand how homelessness is paralyzing New Yorkers from Rochester to The Rockaways, and is concerned over the number of "new" faces - hard working people lost in this storm.

Homeless students miss class, with a 16 percent higher rate of absenteeism, compared to ‘housed’ students.

PIX11 reporters Jay Dow and Mario Diaz are focusing on the impact of homelessness on education, in their revealing week-long series, "No Place To Call Home."