Newark gas station target of second armed robbery, owner urging for more police presence

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NEWARK, N.J. — A Newark gas station owner urged the city to "bring more cops" to patrol the area after police stopped an armed robbery at his store, the second incident since Halloween.

The Sunoco at Washington and Court streets was held up by two men just after midnight on Thursday. One of the men was armed.

"Two armed robbers came in," Ibrsas Sibide, victim of the robbery, said. It was a close call for the gas station clerks on the job.

"They point gun on us and said give me the money," Sibide said.

"He started picking the money from the register," Eric Afreyie, the victim of the robbery, said.

As the crooks were leaving with the cash, a Newark officer walked in the door. He ordered the suspects to the floor, but the man armed with a gun refused. The officer then shot him in the stomach.

"When I turn my hear boom, and then he's over there," Afreyie said.

This is the second time this gas station has been robbed in recent weeks. The owner didn’t want to go on camera, but he told PIX11 he's feed up with the city. He said he is considering to file a lawsuit to get more police presence. He said his store is a sitting target for criminals.

The suspect who was shot is in the hospital in critical condition. His partner now in jail.

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