Boy, 5, rescues grandma, dog from house fire in California

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SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — A California home is a total loss, ravaged by a fire that started with a space heater, and an unlikely hero is emerging from the embers: 5-year-old Nathaniel Stocks.

"I’m glad he didn’t freeze," the boy's grandmother said. "He moved away, like he was told. He did everything right and saved our lives."

Nathaniel described how he was woken up at 1 a.m.

“I hear a crackling and popping. It was bright, so I ran to my nanny’s room and told her to get low," he said, remembering what he learned about fire safety in school.

Nathaniel knew exactly what to do because just two days prior he was on a kindergarten field trip to his local fire house.

He knew since his father was away and his mother was out at the time that he needed to wake his grandmother Kimberly Racliss, sleeping in the next bedroom.

As Nathaniel put it, “If I didn’t woke up, me and my nanny would be dead.”

After the life-saving moves, he was back to the fire house to reunite with his teachers. One firefighter announcing, “He’s alive today, his grandmother is alive today and his dog Tinkerbell is alive today, all because of what he did.”

After Nathaniel got everyone out, firefighters were able to rescue their beloved chihuahua Tinkerbell, who was trapped behind a bathroom door. His mom, who had been out with her siblings, rushed home.

Brianna Stocks was on the verge of tears.

“I wasn’t here to protect him and it was upsetting. I’m so thankful he did it,” she said.