Two lives changed by Howard’s help

Posted: 1:34 PM, Nov 10, 2015
Updated: 2015-11-12 13:41:21-05

For more than two years now, we’ve been telling you about Torrey Green. He’s the middle school art teacher in Boca Raton, Fla., who desperately needed a kidney transplant. We did a story on his plight. Sara Tofoli of Bound Brook, New Jersey, saw it and knew she could help. She was right.

Sara was a perfect match. Last year she gave up one of her kidneys to save Torrey’s life. Both of them are doing great.

In September, Sara and her husband Greg went down to Florida to visit Torrey. She was a guest of honor in his class and drew applause, laughter and tears.

We paid a visit to Sara after she returned. She showed us how the transplant has changed her life, as well. She decided she wanted to get in shape. She’s taken up running and Pilates and believes she’s gotten so much out of the experience of giving. At home with Greg, Sara admits getting her kidney has changed Torrey in unexpected ways….like his sudden love for some of her favorites.

“Oh my God, cupcakes, wine. It’s hysterical,” she said. “Although I still can’t convert him to eat dark chocolate.”

“He only eats milk chocolate which we detest,” Greg explained.

Sara has absolutely no regrets and says she’s glad she now has a brother in Florida.

“I’m living proof that we are all the same. I mean the doctor said we couldn’t have been a better match if we were blood relatives.”

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