Crowds gather outside SNL studio to protest Donald Trump

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MANHATTAN  — As Donald Trump gets ready to host Saturday Night Live, protesters are marching to the studio with signs saying "Dump Trump!"

The "March to Stop the Hate," a combination of Latino advocacy groups and pro-immigration reform members, marched from the Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue to Rockefeller Center. The demonstrators felt that Trump's comments on immigration, which he called Mexicans "rapists" and "criminals," were racist and offensive.

The coalition also delivered a petition earlier this week with more than half a million signatures to NBC and "SNL" executive producer Lorne Michaels urging the cancellation of Trump's appearance.

The group,, also offered a $5,000 reward to an audience member who yelled “Deport Racism” or “Trump is a Racist" during the show, according to the website.

There were about half a dozen Trump supporters also at Rockefeller Center.

NBC has not responded to the protests and Trump said he believes the controversy will boost the audience for the episode.

In the meantime, when asked about his appearance, Trump's rival, Ben Carson, doesn't think it's funny at all. Carson called it inappropriate for any presidential candidate to appear on the show.

Despite the backlash, Trump seemed unfazed and ready to host the show Saturday evening.

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