Girl, 4, in remission from cancer dresses as herself for ‘Superhero Day’

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Forget Superwoman and Wonderwoman, this 4-year-old decided she would go as herself for "Superhero Day" at her pre-school.

Just like any superhero she has a huge battle to fight, cancer.

Little Josie Butler seems like a precocious 4-year-old but just a few years ago, she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. She has been fighting cancer and receiving chemotherapy treatments for two years.

The Missouri resident's mother Alyssa says her daughter was struggling to pick out a costume for "Superhero Day" at school.

What she didn't realize her mom says, Josie had the costume all along.

As the kids dressed up as Superman, Batman or Spider-Man, the little girl draped a cape over her shoulders and called herself "Super Josie."

Her super power? "Destroying cancer one day at a time."

As Josie's story continues to go viral, Butler hopes other cancer patients will find inspiration.

Because after all, Superheroes do come in all sizes.

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