Everyone is going nuts over NYC cafe that sells ONLY decaf coffee

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SOHO, Manhattan -- It should come to no surprise that New Yorkers love their coffee. You could find close to 350 coffee chain locations in just Manhattan alone.

Keeping that in mind, it probably threw a few locals off when The Swiss Water Coffee Studio surfaced in SoHo at 300 Lafayette Stree.

The pop-up shop only sells decaffeinated coffee. Yep, No caffeine whatsoever.

“We have all the taste characteristics, all the delicate origin nuances, all of that is there it’s just the caffeine,” explained Brand Manager Andrea Piccollo.

From espresso to the classic cup of Joe, the beverages served at this café undergo a process that removes caffeine in a chemical-free method.

Although pretty simple, the business concept itself has many scratching their heads.

Headlines from the blogsophere range from “the first sign of the cultural apocalypse” to something that will make you scream.

And the tweets weren’t any better.

“Ya know we’re not trying to take caffeine away from anybody,” Piccollo told PIX11 News. “I mean that’s the last thing we want to do. This just really gives New Yorkers and any coffee drinker really – the choice.”

The choice to have that cup of java without all the intended benefits.

When you consider the findings of a 2014 Zagat survey that showed 90 percent of coffee drinkers prefer actual caffeine in their coffee, the business venture seems incredibly risky.

The Swiss Water Coffee Studio pop-up café runs until Nov. 8.

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