David Justice airs dirty laundry about Halle Berry on Twitter

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NEW YORK – Former MLB star David Justice is coming out swinging after Halle Berry announced her divorce from Olivier Martinez.

The ex-baseball player says he wants justice for the way she allegedly treats her exes.

Justice and Berry married in 92 and divorced in 97. But during their divorce, rumors surfaced that Justice cheated on Berry, and was also abusive.

Berry had once given an interview saying a famous ex-boyfriend caused partial deafness in her ear after he punched it, and throughout the years people pointed the finger at Justice.

The former ball player took to Twitter saying he  never laid a finger on his ex-wife and essentially claims she made it a mission to destroy his character after they broke up.

Justice also posted a series of tweets accusing the actress of vilifying her exes, saying she referred them as her "knight in shining armor until it ends."

He then pointed the finger at her former boyfriend Wesley Snipes saying he was the one who harmed the Oscar-winning actress, saying "Halle has never said that I hit her. It makes me mad to see the same lie being perpetuated about the source of her abuse being me. Never happened."

Berry's separation from Martinez marks her third divorce.

Justice is now re-married and has two kids.

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