Woman goes on ‘pizza cleanse’ and loses weight

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If you're a pizza lover you're in luck—a writer from Cosmopolitan may have just found the best diet ever that involves eating only the tasty slice.

The writer, Charlotte Palermino went on what she calls a 'pizza cleanse,' and documented her journey on the Cosmopolitan website.

Palermino ate just pizza for a week to see if it was possible to lose any weight. The writer set several rules for diet including that the pizza had to have crust, as well as cheese or toppings and sauce.

She admitted that the first few days were tougher than one would think. Heartburn, digestive issues and headaches threatened to bring her down— but by day seven she said that her body was fully adjusted.

After eight days, Palermino was able to lose just about five pounds— but her doctors equate her weight loss to the elimination of wine and sugars from her diet.

Her experiment was certainly tasty but she says she doesn't recommend it because its not a sustainable diet plan.


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