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Street closures for New York City Marathon

Posted: 3:43 PM, Oct 30, 2015
Updated: 2015-10-31 23:01:59-04

NEW YORK — It’s a weekend of Mets, monsters, and the marathon — and traffic tie-ups and street closures.

While Mets fans flock to Citi Field for the World Series, thousands will be participating in Halloween parades, and some 50,000 runners will take to the streets Sunday for the New York City Marathon.


Here the list of street closures to help you get around the madness:


Streets will be closed from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. for the NYC Marathon:

In Staten Island:

  • Bay Street between Richmond Terrace and School Road
  • School Road between Bay Street and Staten Island Expressway

In Brooklyn:

  • Dahlgren Place between Verrazano Bridge and 92nd Street (northbound)
  • 92nd Street between Dahlgren Place and 4th Avenue
  • 4th Avenue between 92nd Street and Flatbush Avenue
  • Flatbush Avenue between 4th Avenue and Lafayette Avenue
  • Lafayette Avenue between Flatbush Avenue and Bedford Avenue
  • Brooklyn Queens Expressway (South-bound) between Verrazano Bridge and 79th Street
  • 7th Avenue from  79th Street to 75th Street/Bay Ridge Parkway
  • 74th Street between 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue
  • 6th Avenue between 74th and 75th Street /Bay Ridge Parkway
  • Bay Ridge Parkway between 7th Avenue and 4th Avenue
  • 92nd Street between Gatling Place and Fort Hamilton Parkway
  • Fort Hamilton Parkway between 92nd Street and 94th Street
  • 94th Street between Fort Hamilton Parkway and 4th Avenue (northbound)
  • 4th Avenue between 94th Street and Flatbush Avenue (southbound)
  • Bedford Avenue between Lafayette Avenue and Nassau Avenue
  • Nassau Avenue between Bedford Avenue / Lorimer Street and Manhattan Avenue
  • Manhattan Avenue between Nassau Avenue and Greenpoint Avenue
  • Greenpoint Avenue between Manhattan Avenue and McGuiness Boulevard
  • McGuiness Boulevard between Greenpoint Avenue and 48th Avenue
  • Pulaski Bridge (southbound)

In Queens:

  • Pulaski Bridge (southbound)
  • 48th Avenue between 11th Street and Vernon Boulevard
  • Vernon Boulevard between 48th Avenue and 10th Street
  • 10th Street between Vernon Boulevard and 44th Drive
  • 44th Drive between 10th Street and Hunter Street
  • Hunter Street between 44th Drive and Crescent Street
  • Crescent Street between Hunter Street and Queens Plaza South
  • Queens Plaza South between Crescent Street and 23rd Street
  • 23rd Street between Queens Plaza South and Queens Plaza North
  • Queensboro Bridge (eastbound)

In Manhattan:

  • Queensboro Bridge (Vehicle Entrance Ramp eastbound)
  • East 59th Street between 59th Street Bridge and 1st Avenue
  • 1st Avenue between East 59th Street and Willis Avenue Bridge
  • Madison Avenue Bridge
  • 5th Avenue between 138th Street and 124th Street
  • 124th Street between Madison Avenue and Mount Morris Park West
  • Mount Morris Park West between 124th Street between 120th Street
  • 120th Street between Mount Morris Park West and 5th Avenue
  • 5th Avenue between 120th Street and 90th Street
  • 90th Street between 5th Avenue and East Drive (Central Park southbound)
  • East Drive between 90th Street and Grand Army Plaza
  • Grand Army Plaza between East Drive and Central Park South
  • Central Park South between 5th Avenue and Columbus Circle/8th Avenue/Central Park West
  • Central Park Driveway/8th Avenue Approach to West Drive
  • West Drive between 8th Avenue Approach and 96th Street Approach to West Drive
  • 96th Street Approach to West Drive
  • 67th Street Approach to West Drive

In Bronx:

  • Willis Avenue Bridge / Willis Avenue
  • East 135th Street between Willis Avenue and Alexander Avenue
  • Alexander Avenue between East 135th Street and East 138th Street
  • East 138th Street between Alexander Avenue and Morris Avenue
  • Morris Avenue between East 138th Street and East 140th Street
  • East 140th Street between Morris Avenue and Rider Avenue
  • Rider Avenue between East 140th Street and East 138th Street
  • East 138th Street between Rider Avenue and Madison Avenue Bridge
  • Madison Avenue Bridge

These streets will also be closed from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. for family members of marathon runners

  • Central Park West between Columbus Circle and 96th Street
  • From 61st Street to 65th Street between Central Park West and Broadway
  • From 65th Street to 85th Street between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue
  • Columbus Avenue between 85th Street and Broadway
  • Broadway between Columbus Avenue and Columbus Circle