PIX11 helps Brooklyn neighborhood clean up eyesore dumpster overflowing with trash, mice

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BROOKLYN– Residents of Herkimer Street in Brooklyn sent PIX11 a group of photos of an overflowing dumpster on their block that had become an eyesore and possibly a health hazard.

One of the pictures obtained by PIX11 showing excess trash from this "eyesore" dumpster in Brooklyn.

One of the pictures obtained by PIX11 showing excess trash from this eyesore dumpster in Brooklyn.

A medical assistant from the Bedford-Stuyvesant Family Health Center on the block told PIX11, “you don’t know what they’re putting in there.”

The dumpster is being leased by a private company renovating a brownstone on the block.

James McDougal, who lives two doors down from the dumpster site, says “people would just come from different neighborhoods and just dump their garbage in front of it, on top of it.” Another neighbor says the dumpster “attracts a lot of mice” and has been there for four months without being emptied.

Residents say they have repeatedly complained to the Sanitation Department , which issued summonses to the owner of the dumpster, but it was not emptied or removed.

McDougal, then left with no choice, called PIX11 Investigates team and Arnold Diaz.

They sent the pictures of the shameful scene of garbage and construction debris filling and overflowing the dumpster.

One look at the photos and PIX11 was on the case.

McDougal called the local Sanitation supervisor and told him PIX11 was on the way. “We just told them that Arnold Diaz gave me a call. They heard your name and maybe magic happened,” he said.

The Sanitation Department apparently contacted the company leasing the dumpster and told them to remove the overflowing waste.

Two days later, private sanitation workers arrived on the scene and cleaned up the area.

The company brought in a truck to remove to dumpster and replace it with an empty one, and a promise to cover it at the end of each day to prevent illegal dumping.

The Sanitation Department says it will monitor compliance.