Mets fans ready for Game 3 at Citi Field, but reluctant to pay $11K ticket prices

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NEW YORK -- The Mets are back at Citi Field this Friday for Game 3 of the World Series and tickets are still available -- for $11,000 for two seats.

But would you pay that price to see the home team?

"No, $11,000 -- that's crazy. I'm a huge mets fan. I don't think the Mets would have me paying $11,000," said a Mets fan.

It's the same price you pay to buy a used 2004 Audi A3, or even a diamond ring.

"$11,000? no way. I love the team but I think i'll watch from the comfort of my couch," says a Mets fan

We tried finding super Mets fans still looking for tickets but it appears not all are a willing to pull out that credit card.

"No, I don't have it and I wouldn't be paying for it," another Mets fan said.

Met fans insist their unwillingness to buy has nothing to do with their passion for the team.

They say if they had that much money, they rather spend it on a more pressing concern.

"If you're passionate enough, hey go for it," a Mets fan advised.

Governor Cuomo also had a ticket deal, $5,500 to meet him and watch the game. He's since dropped that idea.

But those $11,000 tickets are still available, if you got it.