Meet the Matz! We watch the game with Steven Matz’s family and get to know more about the Mets’ starting ace

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“I’d say about 10-12 minutes, it'll be starting," the Matz family said.

Meet the Matz! It's the calm before the storm at their house.

“Oh, if he was pitching in 20 minutes I’d be a little stressed out,” Ron Matz laughed.

For Ron Matz, turning on the World Series and seeing his son, Steven, is a moment he's imagined for years.

“When he picked up the baseball at the age of two, which sounds crazy, he just actually had the natural nice throw with his arm," he remembered. "I said to my wife, he’s got something.”

That something? A powerful fastball and a wicked curve.

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“He got drafted out of high school, when the draft came upon, the Los Angeles Dodgers were actually the first team interested in him," he said. "He turned that down in hopes that the Mets would pick him up.”

This family has a long line of Mets fans. Grandpa Bert, traces it back to the 1950s.

“I started out as a [Brooklyn] Dodger fan and then when they left for California, there was a down period of time," Bert Moller remembered. "And there was no way, of course, a Brooklyn fellow could ever root for the Yankees, I mean forget about it," he laughed.

In 2010, Steven underwent Tommy John surgery. But he came back and battled his way through the minor leagues.

“We went to Binghampton and he pitched the Spring Championship game,” Bert explained. “He pitched seven innings of shutout ball, when he came out of the game, 8,000 people stood up and cheered and tears came to my eyes.”

From tears of joy to wild displays of excitement, this grandpa isn't shy about showing his support. A video of him celebrating this season even went viral.

“There's a walk from the train to the stadium, it takes about 10 minutes but it usually takes me about 10 minutes because people are like, 'hey is that Grandpa Bert, can I get a picture," he said. "Are you more famous than Kim Kardashian now," I asked. "Oh yes definitely she has nothing on me!" he laughed.

Steven Matz made his debut on June 28, 2015. It was one of the best overall debuts in recent history. He got the win and went 3 for 3 with four RBIs.

“When he’s out there on the mound, I guess there’s just something about it that I just turn everything off," Ron said. "I just expect Steve to do what Steve does.”

Like a proud pop, he keeps mementos of his son's journey.

“I just did it for Steve for when he gets older," he said as he showed me three large scrapbooks filled with newspaper clippings. "He kind of makes fun of me for doing this but I say to him, someday you'll go through this and it’ll be like you can show your children and your grandchildren."

On Saturday, the left-hander will take the mound in Game 4 against the Kansas City Royals.

“This is what you dream of, this is what you work for," Steven Matz said ahead of Game 1. "I was in all [those kids'] shoes once. I was in those little league camps, I played travel ball and did that whole circuit. This is what you work for so it's a real blessing."

It's a day the entire Matz family is looking forward to!

“We’ll take a couple cars I’ll probably get there at 7 in the morning," Ron smiled. "I don't want to miss anything!"

“Actually, I take the train in, I’m not going to mess around with those parking lots," Bert laughed.

The New York Mets take on the Kansas City Royals Saturday, October 31 at Citi Field for Game 4 of the 2015 World Series.


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