Scores masseuse accused in strip-club scam tells all in Crime Watch Daily interview

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A former masseuse is offering a rare portal into the happenings at one of Manhattan's most famous strip clubs where a crew of women were accused of preying on unsuspecting men by drugging them, stealing their credit cards and running up extravagant bills at topless bars while their wealthy victims were in a daze.

Crime Watch Daily will reveal Thursday Karina Pascucci's tell-all about her time at Scores and, in her own words, set the record straight. It airs at 2 p.m. on PIX11.

Pascucci, a masseuse at the club, is one of four women who were arrested in June 2014 and accused of carrying out the scam, allegedly earning kickbacks from the establishments where they'd bring their incapacitated victims.

But Pascucci said she was a bait in the scam -- and the clients she met with knew what was going on, appeared coherent to her, and would frequently return.

"But I feel like if you're coming back to the same place four times, how could you have been...? I feel like if a man had date-raped me, I would never go near him again," Pascucci said, referring to the accusation that these men were "date raped" by the women.

One of the alleged victims is a cardiologist from New Jersey who was featured in news reports as having racked up huge bills at topless bars. The doctor claimed that he never made the purchases and contended that he must have been drugged.

Prosecutors at the time said the men would call their credit card companies to contest the charges -- then would allegedly received threatening messages from the women to stay quiet about the enormous bills.

Pascucci said it was only when the lascivious arrangements began to unravel that the men started to accuse the women of blackmail.

For her part, Pascucci accepted a plea deal. She denies drugging the man but admitted to fraud and conspiracy. She's been sentenced to 16 weeks in jail.