Man’s Facebook post about traffic stop goes viral

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TUSCON, Ariz. – A Facebook post about one man’s experience with a kind police officer at a traffic stop has gone viral.

Steven Hildreth Jr. said he was driving to his office with a broken headlight when a Tuscon Police car pulled him over. Hildreth says he told the officer he had a concealed weapon and the officer disarmed him.

“The officer explains for his safety and mine, he needs to disarm me for the stop. I understand … Officer relieves me of my Glock and compliments the X300U I’m running on it.”

When the officer ran Hildreth’s license, he said he was thinking of how to pay the infractions. Instead, the officer’s returned with an unexpected response.

“‘Because you were cool with us and didn’t give us grief, I’m just going to leave it at a verbal warning. Get that headlight fixed as soon as possible.'”

Hildreth criticized “certain social movements” that believe “police are allegedly out to kill minorities.”

“I’m a black man wearing a hoodie and strapped. According to certain social movements, I shouldn’t be alive right now … Maybe … that notion is bunk.”

He encourages others to treat police officers with respect and praises officers who “earned their badges.”

“Maybe if you treat police officers with respect, they will do the same to you …We talk so much about the bad apples who shouldn’t be wearing a badge. I’d like to spread the word about an example of men who earned their badges and exemplify what that badge stands for.”

As of early Thursday afternoon, the post has received overwhelmingly positive feedback. It has garnered nearly 250,000 likes, 153,718 shares and 18,863 comments.

Barry Allen commented, “Thank you So Much for posting this!!! Thank you for your Service. Your a Great American!!!!”

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