Backstage on Broadway: Emilio and Gloria Estefan bring the laughs, talk life’s big moments and new show ‘On Your Feet!’

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"He makes me laugh a lot, every day," Gloria Estefan said about her husband. "I thought it was just about sex but if she says I make her laugh, great," Emilio Estefan laughed.

It's Emilio and Gloria Estefan as you would expect, real and down to Earth.

“How do you make things work like you do?" I asked. "You say, yes to your wife for everything, yes baby, yes baby," Emilio said. "Oh yeah right, don’t believe that!" Gloria smiled.

A 37-year romance that blossomed from their time together with the world famous, Miami Sound Machine.

“I joined the band for fun, and never dreaming it would turn into what it turned into,” Gloria Estefan said.

Now the legendary duo is taking on a new project, a Broadway musical based on their lives called On Your Feet!

"What’s it like to see your story play out on a stage?" I asked. "What’s weird, of course, the guy looks so much better than me," Emilio laughed. "But, you know it’s the perfect time to inspire people.”

The show gives fans an inside and unprecedented look at what went on behind closed doors.

“My mom’s story with him because we never talked about it publicly because there was no need," Gloria explained. "But when we were going to do the play I told mom, I’m gonna tell the truth, it took 12 years for him to win her over.”

The story also takes you through the family's traumatic tour bus crash that left Gloria with a broken back and the possibility of never walking again.

“It was not an easy thing, I wouldn’t want to go through it again, but I wouldn’t change it because it taught me a lot about myself," she remembered. "My dad was in a wheelchair so I knew what would be in store for my family so I was going to fight my hardest to at least have my independence."

Pushing herself, doing physical therapy seven hours every day. She says letters from her fans inspired her to get through it all. Letters used in the show's set.

“Their prayers I felt around me like a physical energy,” she explained.

“This play is like a roller coaster, you cry, you dance, you laugh but you know at the end it’s like a concert, a celebration," Emilio said. "When you see different nationalities enjoy the music, I feel proud of that.”

But nothing makes these parent more proud than the success of their children.

“My son [Nayib] is doing a really cool thing curating movies in 35mm, and my daughter [Emily] is the best musician of all of us, she can play every instrument,” Gloria gushed. "She wrote the only original tune in the play!"

It's been an incredible journey for Gloria and Emilio, one they are proud to share.

“I cried more this year than in my entire lifetime," Gloria smiled. "It’s been brutal because it’s a very emotional experience and it’s a beautiful one, but it’s surreal, that I can tell you.”

On Your Feet! is currently in previews at the Marquis Theatre and officially opens on November 5.