Most offensive costumes you should stay away from this Halloween

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NEW YORK -- Walmart halted the sale of a pair of Halloween costumes Tuesday after receiving backlash from a slew of customers and organizations.

The costumes – a Sheik Fagin Nose described as being “perfect for an Arab Sheikh” and an Israeli solider costume for kids – have been removed from the retail giant’s website less than a week before Halloween.

As we have come to know, another year comes another round of offensive Halloween costumes.

Pushing the envelope has become standard procedure when it comes to getting dressed up.

Whether you’re a celebrity or just an Average Joe, the inevitable outcome is an involuntary apology.

This year, there’s no shortage of tasteless costumes.

From Caitlyn Jenner and Jared Fogel to Meghan Kelly and the Dentist who killed Cecil the lion, the options are endless.

“These are costumes I would say stray from,” said Lifestyle expert Valerie Greenberg.

According to Greenberg, the sheer nature of the holiday usually encourages poor judgment.

“I think people cross the line because they think it’s the only holiday where its acceptable but really folks its not,” she explained. “When you’re talking about different news stories that have been scrutinized in the media time and time again.”

One of those costumes -- Caitlyn Jenner -- immediately sparked outrage when it surfaced online. However, when asked about it Jenner herself said it didn’t bother her.

“I get it. I’m in on the joke,” she told NBC’s Matt Lauer on The Today Show last month.

“I say work it out and wear that Caitlyn costume if she’s green lighting it but at the end of the day we want to make sure we don’t go over board and we have respect,” Greenberg said.

Some solid advice -- stay away from black face and avoid any costume inspired by real-life tragic events.