As NYC endures funeral of another NYPD officer killed, Brooklyn DA talks about Iron Pipeline

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BROOKLYN -- Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson has been in office for less than two years, but what he has seen on the streets of Brooklyn and across the nation regarding illegal gun violence is as disheartening as it frustrating.

"It is outrageous," Thompson said. "We all have to say enough is enough as a country."

"When I was a young kid growing up in the city, there were fights and it was rare that someone pulled out a gun," Thompson continued. "Now you rarely have a fight, you have young people pulling out a gun and shooting each other."

PIX11 News connected with DA Thompson Wednesday afternoon at his office as he was preparing to attend the funeral of NYPD housing officer Randolph Holder.

It did not take long for this son of a retired female NYPD officer to produce sobering stats, "since 1996, there have been six police officers murdered with guns that emanated from Georgia and officer Holder that gun has been traced to South Carolina."

"So in total, seven of our courageous police officers have been murdered with guns that were stolen or came from states down south. We can't allow that to happen again."

However, as Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance stated on Tuesday, following a gun bust his office collaborated on with the NYPD in Harlem and the Bronx, the issue of gun violence does not have one solution, "We cannot prosecute our way out of this issue."

This as various challenges from illegal gun violence swells across the nation. Prosecutors like Thompson and Vance continue to point to relaxed gun laws in some states as the reason for the, Iron Pipeline.

The pipeline is viewed as the operative avenue of preference for gun traffickers of taking guns from southern states that are gun friendly and sneaking them into New York City.

"It is fact that more than 8500 firearms were recovered and traced out of New York State in 2013 according to the ATF and of those nearly 70 percent came from out of state with 331 guns from Georgia," said Vance at Tuesday's news conference.

When asked how great is the iron pipeline threat to the entire northeast corridor, Thompson offered up the following, "the threat posed by the iron pipeline is enormous, because so many guns end up coming from down south into our city into other major cities up north."

Thompson and his investigators have prevented or seized more than 550 guns from hitting the streets of Brooklyn over the course of a year. He is the first to point out that this is a crisis that is not about whether lawful gun owners should have a right to own their firearms but rather it is about getting illegal revolvers and military grade assault weapons out of the hands of criminals who have little respect or value for life.

"We've had gun violence and tragedies from Sandy Hook to Red Hook, from Brownsville to the South Side of Chicago, from Colorado to Oregon," Thompson said. "Enough is enough, we need to say we will not allow another police officer to be slaughter led to be murdered by a criminal who is armed by these merchants of death."