REI bucks Black Friday shopping, will close stores that day

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Major outdoor and sporting goods retailer, REI decides to do the complete opposite of what most will do come Black Friday!

With the hashtag #optoutside is encouraging its employees to go outside instead of coming to work that day and they’ll even be paid to do so.  The company’s CEO Jerry Stritzke acknowledges retail sales will take a hit but believes it’s the right thing to do.

Despite that move, retail analysts like Bain and Company in New York City are forecasting a 4% growth in U.S. retail sales this holiday season, with e-commerce growing even more by 13%.  Society it seems, these days more than ever, is obsessed with having things at our fingertips.

Taking it a step farther, not too long ago Amazon announced an initiative to utilize drones for home delivery. Today, retail giant WalMart said they’re thinking about joining in on the fun.

But what’s the cost of convenience?  Are we getting lazier?  Are we forgetting how to interact with one another?
Some New Yorkers said yes.

“It’s totally negative. I think we paid a big price for all of this technology. I think it’s done a lot of harm and I think it’s done a lot of good, but it’s also very harmful,” said Nancy Kuhle of Montauk.


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