‘MasterChef Junior’: Gordon Ramsay swears, makes kids cry in ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ mashup

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NEW YORK – Gordon Ramsay does his best to keep his signature swearing under control while hosting MasterChef Junior, a competitive children’s cooking show — but what if he didn’t?

Someone decided to dub Ramsay’s blistering insults from the show “Hell’s Kitchen” over MasterChef Junior, and the resulting mashup is scarily perfect.

For those who don’t know either show, Ramsay screaming “You f*****g donkey!” at a child in elementary school who is struggling to peel a potato might same incredibly cruel.  After watching un-edited episodes of MasterChef Junior, however, one realizes that the kids’ show has more in common with “Hell’s Kitchen” than one might think.

Children — some as young as 8 — are grouped into teams as they compete to win various cooking contests.  Clearly coached by parents, producers or both, the young contestants show the same viciousness, aggression and emotional breakdowns as the adults on “Hell’s Kitchen” and other shows.

That’s why, when the tears start to flow, it almost seems as if Ramsay SHOULD be eviscerating them — because why else would children be brought to tears but for the sake of reality television?

Warning: Language is NSFW