Creepy HOV violator spotted by police, gets ticket

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An HOV lane trickster got a nice treat in the form of a traffic ticket, after the violator was pulled over for breaking the HOV rules— at least they were in the Halloween spirit.

The driver was pulled over in Tacoma after he tried to trick police by putting a creepy doll in the passenger seat. He isn't the first to try and pull one over on the police.

It's a trend in every major city with people trying to beat the horrendous traffic— and drivers tend to get creative.

Washington State Trooper Guy Gill enjoys posting some of them on his twitter page, including  one of "The Most Interesting Man" cut-out of the Dos Equis pitchman.

There is also a photo of Captain Jack Sparrow riding shotgun. A woman even used a cute, cuddly Teddy Bear to try and bend the rules.

The Washington State Patrol said HOV violations are up 77 percent since 2012 and drivers can pay up to $136 a ticket.