7-year-old undergoes brain surgery after being bullied at school

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CALIFORNIA— A California couple wants justice after their 7 year old son was allegedly bullied so badly at school, he suffered injuries that required brain surgery.

In May Jeremy came home saying he was tripped by a fellow first grade student, and hit his head on a desk before he fell to the ground, according to the parents Facebook.

His parents Eli Tsou and Jenny Yang say Jeremy's story was confirmed in a letter by the school nurse, teacher and principal.

His "not so serious injury" as reported in the letter, turned out to be a fractured skull and a brain bleed that needed surgery.

Despite the letter, Yang says the school district changed its story. The school later released a statement citing no findings of bullying or physical abuse, and allegedly even said Jeremy caused injury to himself by slipping on a pencil.

His parents are now challenging the report at a school board meeting. Meanwhile Jeremy fully recovered—and his family plans to continue raising awareness about bullying.